Save the knowledge!

The App to make the most of your events. Broadcast your conferences live, interact with the audience and save all the content so that attendees can see it again when they want.

Keep all knowledge

Keep all the knowledge All the knowledge generated in your presentations and conferences in the cloud: slides, speaker’s explanations, audience questions and surveys … EVERYTHING!

Interact with the audience

You can send polls and polls to the audience that will answer on your smartphone and show the results on screen. Attendees can ask questions live from the App. Forget about hostesses with micros from one side of the room to the other! And everything will be saved as part of the content.

Broadcast live from your smartphone

Make your conferences leave the facilities by broadcasting live from your smartphone, so that any user registered in them can connect and interact from the App.

Generates new experiences

Make your presentations and conferences from anywhere. Either in a conference room in front of your audience, connected to the projector and audio of the venue, or from a museum room or from the garden of a palace. You have all the presentation tools in the Cloud!

Monetize your conferences

Add your sponsors logos and introduce them as part of the content. They will be displayed every time a user consults your conference. Your sponsors will get impacts beyond the dates of the conference, for which you can earn more income.

It captures all the attention

Your audience will not need to take notes. All knowledge is saved. You’ll have all their attention to interact with them!

Highlights the important

People who follow your lectures can highlight the most interesting moments with a simple click and add notes to make quick searches.

Multimedia Files

You can add any type of multimedia file to your presentations (videos, documents, images). These will be stored within the presentation as part of the content.

Monetize intellectual property

The attendees registered to your conferences will have access to the generated knowledge. The speakers who share their lectures after the event in the App’s library will monetize for the downloads made by other users from the application.

Universally available

The assistants will be able to revisit your conferences whenever they want from their smartphone.

In summary ... everyone wins

Speakers at your conferences can earn additional income by sharing their intellectual property. The assistants keep all the knowledge generated in their user account to consult it whenever they want. The organizers get more income because of the greater number of impacts of their sponsors.

Ready to seize your conferences?

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