Save the knowledge!

The solution to the ephemeral knowledge in professional events. Broadcast your conferences live, interact with your audience and save all the knowledge so that the attendees can see it again from any device whenever they want.

SaveKnow is the App (iOS/Android) and web platform (  where the attendees to a training session, congress or conference can save on their user account in the cloud, all the knowledge generated in the event, so that they can have it on their phone wherever they go and consult it from any device (smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, Smart TV) whenever they want.

With SaveKnow also the speakers a better protection for their intellectual property and the sponsors can achieve advertising impacts that goes far beyond the dates of the event.

The speaker uses the SaveKnow app to:

  • Scroll the slides and videos of their presentation on the room’s screen and in the devices of the attendees who are connected to the event’s lecture
  • Record the explanations in the Cloud
  • Send surveys to the attendees in real time

The attendees use SaveKnow, from the App or the web in order to:

  • Follow the conference live, watching the slides and videos and listening to the lecture in real time from any device
  • Answer the speaker’s surveys on their devices and see the results
  • Send written questions to the speaker, which will be selected by himself or by the moderator and will be projected on the screen and answered
  • Request speaking turn, by using their smartphone as a microphone connected to the audio of the room through the App
  • Take notes and label the most interesting moments for the attendee, with which they can carry out quick searches after the event

After each of the presentations of the event, a video with the slides and voices is automatically generated, which includes:

  • The slides and videos of the presentation, as scrolled by the speaker
  • The speaker’s explanations for each slide and/or video
  • The results of the surveys the speaker sent to the attendees
  • Question time with the attendees, which includes both written questions and speaking turn

Provides authentic added value and differentiation to your event, providing attendees unlimited access to all the knowledge generated in it, protecting the rights of author and intellectual property of the speakers and providing sponsors with greater profitability for their sponsorship.

At the beginning of the generated video of slides and voices of each lecture appear the sponsor’s logos, with a direct link to their website, so that the attendees can obtain additional information, while sponsors can achieve advertising impacts that goes far beyond the dates of the event.

If you already have an App for your event, add the SaveKnow service to it. We can insert ourselves in the app of your company or of any event without having to change the provider.

Add the SaveKnow service to your app and offer differentiation and added value to your client. SaveKnow is designed to be inserted in the app of any provider and any event in a simple way, with only one register of the assistant in your event app.

Save all the knowledge

Save all the knowledge generated in your training sessions, congresses and conferences: slides and videos of the presentation, speaker’s explanations, notes and questions from the attendees, surveys for the audience… EVERYTHING!

Improve knowledge retention

Hermann Ebbinghaus developed the concept of the “forgetting curve”, which quantifies how long we retain new knowledge for. If that newly learned knowledge is not reviewed, we lose over 95% of it in a week. On the other hand, if it is reviewed at least three times, we remember at least 90% of it. SaveKnow allows users to easily review and query the knowledge generated at an event from any device, anywhere and in any condition, thus contributing to improve its retention.


Interact with your audience

You will be able to send surveys and polls to the audience, who will reply from their devices (smartphone, tablet, computer or Smart TV), and show the results on screen. The attendees can ask written questions live from the App or the web and use their smartphone as a microphone connected to the audio of the room when requesting a speaking turn. And everything will be saved as part of the content.

Broadcast live from your smartphone

Broadcast the conferences of the event live from the speaker’s smartphone, so that any user registered can connect and follow it from their mobile phone, tablet, computer or Smart TV at the event’s venue or outside it, wherever he or she is.


The solution to events with parallel lectures

If your event has several rooms with parallel lectures happening at the same time, the attendees will choose the lecture that interests them the most in each time slot, as they do now, the difference being that with SaveKnow the rest of the lectures will be available in their user account, so they don’t miss nothing of your event!

Generate greater advertising impacts for your sponsors

Add your sponsors’ logos and they will be inserted at the beginning of each presentation’s video, with a direct link to their website. The attendees will be able to broaden the information received and sponsors will generate advertising impacts for their sponsorship, far beyond the dates of the event.

Hybrid and green events

Increase the capacity of your event by facilitating the on-site and remote assistance of attendees, either for agenda issues, cost control or reduction of the carbon footprint of your event. With SaveKnow, everyone will be able to follow the lectures live, on site or from wherever they are, and interact with the speakers as if they were in the room, without the need to hire a streaming provider.s.

Incorporate SaveKnow into your event App

SaveKnow has been designed to offer the service from our App and web platform to those events which do not have a dedicated application or integrating the service into the event App of the client, without having to change the provider. It could not be easier. Ask us how!


Prices adapted to the size of your event

SaveKnow adapts to the size of your event, whether it is small, medium or large, so that everyone can enjoy the knowledge generated at any time, whenever they want. You are in control of the price, just ask us for a no-obligation quote!

Calculate the ROI of your event

SaveKnow offers statistics to calculate the qualitative ROI of your event. We also help you by calculating the GRP of the advertising impact of sponsors after the event as well as visits to their websites. We facilitate the recruitment of sponsors and you next negotiation with them!


Protect the copyright of the speakers

Speakers are tired of having people photograph their slides or record their lectures, since these files can be shared without limit. The videos of lectures in SaveKnow can only be viewed from the user’s account of people who are registered for the event. They are not exportable to any social network, nor can they be sent as an attachment with messaging services. This is how we protect the copyrights and intellectual property of the speakers!

Add multimedia files to lectures

Speakers will be able to add any kind of file to their presentations (videos, images, pdf, documents). These will be stored within the presentation as part of the content in the exact moment in which they were shown to the audience. All knowledge available!

Get all their attention

Your audience can enjoy the presentations of the event without worrying about anything else. All knowledge is saved. You will have all your attention to interact with them.

Make the team's corporate training profitable

Ebbinghaus argues that, new knowledge must be reviewed at least three times in order for an individual to retain over 90% of it. If part of your team bonus is linked to their training, SaveKnow can help you by identifying those participants who review the content generated after the training and how many times they have reviewed it, so they can be rewarded fairly.


Highlight the most important

The event attendees will be able to highlight the most relevant moments by adding their notes and comments with one single click. These notes and comments will remain embedded in the video at the exact moment when they were created, with a label that allows for quick searches after the event.

Check-in app, Access control and certificate of assistance

In your events, we help you solve access control to the venue and/or different rooms with different privilege levels (premium, gold, silver, basic entry, etc.). We use individual QR codes for each conference, monitoring attendees for the issue of certificates of assistance.

Generate new experiences

Do it your presentations and conferences from anywhere. Whether you are in a conference room in front of your audience, connected to the projector and audio of the venue or anywhere in the world simultaneously connected to several rooms or outdoors in a natural environment, without any technology other than the smartphone of the speaker and the attendees. You can even combine all of these formats as you want. In SaveKnow you have all the presentation tools you would ever need!

Universally available

The attendees will be able to review your event lectures again whenever they want and without a time limit from their favourite device at any time (smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac, Smart TV).

In short, everyone wins

The promoter of the event will improve the retention of the knowledge imparted to the attendees. The organizers provide innovation and added value to their event, at a cost adjusted to its size and with the possibility of integrating the service into the event App. The speakers of your events will get a better protection of their copyright and intellectual property. The attendees will keep all the knowledge that has been generated in their user account, so they can access it whenever they want. Sponsors will achieve advertising impacts that goes far beyond the dates of the event.

What are you waiting for to incorporate SaveKnow to your training sessions, congresses and conferences?

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